Hose to Hose quick connect set

by Gentec


Model Code: AA (part# QC-HHPRSP)

This item features: -Built-in automatic reset check valve prevents reverse flow of gases by cutting off the gases under back pressure. -Before disconnection, gas must be shut off at regulators. -Color codes provide speed and safety. -QC-RHF-A has A-Connection. -Gas Type: Fuel Gases, Oxygen. -Connection Type: Male/Female. -Thread - TPI or Pitch: 9/16 in - 18. -Pressure: 29.00 psi [Max], 145.00 psi [Max]. -Price is for 1 Each. Model Code  Model Description AAIncludes:QC-HHF, QC-HHX, Check Valve, Applications:Hoses, Type:Hose-to-Hose Connector Set ABIncludes:QC-HTF, QC-HTX, Check Valve, Applications:Hose, Torch, Type:Hose-to-Torch Connector Set ACIncludes:QC-RHF, QC-RHX, Check Valve, Applications:Regulator, Torch, Type:Regulator-to-Hose Connector Set